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Whether you're in need of a 15 second reel, a two-minute brand video, or an entire web-series, I'm able to provide a wide variety of video production services.  I'll dive into the creative concept with you and help plan your project from start to finish, or if you've already got a great idea, I'll jump in where you need me! Together, we'll create a scroll-stopping video that will tell your story and help you stand apart from the crowd.


The first step is defining your message and designing a video that will tell the story from start to finish.  We do this with storyboarding, setting the theme, feeling, and mood for the project.


Lights! Camera! Action! I have all the professional audio and camera equipment needed to capture and create your scroll-stopping visual masterpiece. 


This is where it all comes together! The script, video, and audio are carefully pieced together to create a compelling story that will help communicate your mission.

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Cascadia Liquor

Cherry Blossom Cocktail

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University of Victoria

Alumni & Development

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Catherine Gerus

The Art of
Forest Bathing

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Victoria Hospice Society

Teeny TinY
Garden Tour

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Category 12 Brewing


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Farm Folk City FOlk

Feast of Fields

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Macaloney's Caledonian Distillery

crowdfunding & Distillery tour

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The story of
Lori Joyce

Edible Magazine/Betterwith
 Ice Cream
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Farm Folk City Folk

The Value of a slow diet

Client Work